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Stand outs Elizabeth Bliss & Suzanne Mayes killed it in "Drama Queens" as modern day Lucy & Ethel characters.  - Marci Marks, Studio City Sherman Oaks Encino News

My personal favorites: ...Kill Me Please...starring Max Schlossberg and Suzanne Mayes. A wacky girl with a death wish..and a delicious outcome!

- Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

Suzanne Mayes plays a somewhat off balanced yet amazing funny ‘accident waiting to happen’ stalker-type of an actual stalker in her scene. -

Suzanne a delight to watch! - The Camarillo Acorn

One of the best moments of the show comes when Louise and June (an outstanding Suzanne Mayes) fantasize about being released from their torment in “If Momma Was Married.” - Cary Ginell, Simi Valley Acorn

Individual deserved spotlights [which] exhibit their beautiful vocals include: Suzanne Mayes as Patty

- Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Exceptional singing voice –  Philip Brandes, LA Times

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