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Fun Facts ​About Suzanne

  • Born and raised in Los Angeles (mostly)


  • Spent a year living in the German-speaking Swiss Alps as a child, age 7, in the beautiful town of Davos

  • Attended and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA with double-degrees in Professional Writing and French


  • Spent her junior year of college abroad in the south of France in Avignon


  • Was a Midshipman in Navy ROTC for her first year of college

  • As a child, wanted to be an artist, an opera singer and an astronaut


  • 5-time Alumni of Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama

  • Grew up the daughter of a Veterinarian and earned her weekly allowance over summers as "kennel girl"

  • Can read and write Modern Standard Arabic, but when prompted to speak Arabic, may be limited to Maha and her school studies and super basic conversation

  • LOVES all animals and considers her three dogs and four cats her "bunnies" and family

  • ​Hosted a live television show with a dancing pig in Taiwan for her first few months out of college

  • Has been Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving! Bungee scares her more, because you get that "lose your stomach" feeling - Sky Diving is scariest during the plane ride up when you see how high 12,500 feet off the ground really is...

  • Worked for several years as a Hollywood Assistant, first at talent & literary agencies, then for producers of hit shows like "Smallville" and "One Tree Hill", and most recently as a coordinator for Universal Pictures 

  • Studied under a world-renown French Opera Singer, Marion Sylvestre, while in the south of France and was only allowed to sing Italian vocalization exercises for an entire year. 

  • Loves learning languages and travelling - has studied French, German, Dutch, and Arabic

  • Subscribed to "Cat Fancy" magazine as a child and regularly mailed in pics of her cats to get published in the subscriber gallery on the last page of every issue.

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